Metal flame spraying provides an effective and resilient barrier to corrosion on steelwork and provides an excellent protective substrate.

Hot zinc spray, with its controllable thickness, provides an even, smooth, and consistent finish. A tough and resilient coating provides a well keyed surface for subsequent painting, with no damage or distortion during treatment.

The thickness can be varied to produce different life spans dependant upon the environment in which the product will be located, and is typically between 50 and 150 microns dft.

A protective coating of zinc, which is molten particles flame sprayed onto clean, prepared surfaces through a hand held gun.


Clean, damp free substrates, with a suitably keyed surface is necessary for a properly adhered finish. For plain mild steel blast cleaning to Sa 2.5 and degreasing should be undertaken within 4 to 6 hours of application of the first holding primer.

There is a vast array of paint systems available, and their application will depend upon the use, environment, and required life span of the product. The range of options expands every year as new paints are developed.

Flame Spraying

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